MyToolBox partner countries The MyToolBox consortium consists of leading experts from 23 partner organisations in 11 countries, including three partners from China. More than 40% of the project partners are from industry including farmers.

The multi-actor partnership in MyToolBox is exemplified by the involvement of five prominent end users representing the food industry, food and crop energy, grain industry, fig industry and the feed industry.

Tulln, AT Austria
Wageningen, NL Netherlands
Wien, AT Austria
Newport, GB United Kingdom
Ankara, TR Turkey
Parma, IT Italy
Cranfield-Bedfordshire, GB United Kingdom
Castelldefels, ES Spain
Novi Sad, RS Serbia
Piacenza, IT Italy
Berlin, DE Germany
Wageningen, NL Netherlands
Aas, NO Norway
Beijing, CN China
Getzersdorf, AT Austria
Beijing, CN China
Südzucker AG (Suedzucker)
Mannheim, DE Germany
Lleida, ES Spain
Agro LV Limited (Agro-LV)
Vyriv, UA Ukraine
İzmir, TR Turkey
Bečej, RS Serbia
Beijing, CN China
Raaba-Graz, AT Austria