Architecture element 01 The smart components of MyToolBox
Architecture element 02 Pre-harvest Objectives
  • To implement alternatives to conventional fungicides (suitable for organic farming) for cereals
  • To integrate cultural control protocols targeting the Fusarium inoculum within crop debris using biofumigation and accelerated biodegradation combined with minimum tillage
  • To reduce aflatoxin contamination in EU maize through resistant plant cultivars and the use of atoxigenic Aspergillus strains
  • To develop novel forecasting approaches to predict potential fungal contamination of cereals at an early growth stage
Architecture element 03 Post-harvest Objectives
  • To establish real-time post-harvest environmental monitoring systems for storage of cereals and peanuts
  • To develop non-invasive real time sorting of dried figs for aflatoxin B1 using hyperspectral imaging
Architecture element 04 Safe Use Options
  • Utilising a novel generation of mycotoxin degrading enzymes for the safe use of contaminated batches to efficiently produce biogas and bioethanol
  • To minimize the mycotoxin content in dried distillers’ grain soluble (DDGS)
Architecture element 05 The MyToolBox e-platform
  • To design and validate an integrated MyToolBox e-platform for decision support in mycotoxin management
  • Through the e-platform information, tools and guidance concerning actions that can be taken to reduce mycotoxins will be provided to all actors along the food and feed chains
  • To provide access through PCs, tablets or smartphones
Architecture element 06 Sorting, Food processing and Baking
  • To study novel baking procedures at industrial scale to reveal the thermal processing factors which are relevant for the reduction of mycotoxins and their transformation into modified forms
  • To integrate novel down-stream processing approaches such as innovative (pre-)milling for accurate separation of grain tissues and to minimise the mycotoxin content in wheat based food products
Architecture element 07 Contribution to Standard Setting and Cooperation with China
  • To anticipate legislative implications of the MyToolBox project outputs and to work with relevant bodies such as EFSA and DG Santé for standard setting
  • To contribute to the standard settings for authorisation of mycotoxin-detoxifying feed additives in China
Architecture element 08 The MyToolBox architecture
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