Maize contaminated with Fusarium graminearumThe MyToolBox project will develop, test and validate an entire toolkit including resistant plant resources, management tools and technologies to effectively monitor and reduce the incidence of mycotoxin contaminants in crop production as well as in the food and feed supply chains. To this end, MyToolBox mobilises a multi-actor and multi-disciplinary partnership throughout the food and feed chain (with more than 40% industry participation including 5 end users and Chinese institutions who collaborate closely with farmers and other relevant stakeholders from the industry). This consortium will develop novel interventions aimed at achieving an increased volume of safe food and feed in the EU by a reduction in crop losses due to biological (fungal) and mycotoxin contamination, of at least 20% and up to 90% - depending on the type of commodity and point of intervention - due to biological (fungal) and mycotoxin contamination.

Feed maizeCutting edge research will result in new and adapted interventions, which will be integrated together with existing measures in a web-based MyToolBox platform. It will represent a one-stop-shop MyToolBox web-based platform and will consist of information and advisory modules, management tools, as well as technologies that equip farmers and all other actors in the food and feed supply chain with systematic / pro-active, cost effective, affordable approaches for effective monitoring and reducing the incidences of mycotoxin contaminants in crops, food and feed. On top of that, the usage of contaminated batches for the production of biofuels will reduce the dependence on expensive, wasteful end-point testing/segregation. Since MyToolBox will be a sustainable web-based platform that will be readily accessible by all actors in the EU food and feed chain beyond the project, this impact will last for many years to come in the EU and will ensure the long-term impacts of the project.