18 July 2016
Helena Stanko, D.O.O. Agrocentrum Bečej (Serbia)

Maize Leaf Weevil (lat. Tanymecus dilaticollis) found in the MyToolBox field trials in Bečej, SerbiaFollowing the sowing of maize, D.O.O. Agrocentrum Bečej (Serbia) regularly checks the development of the corn in the fields in Bečej (Serbia). Immediately after emergence the corn was attacked by the Maize Leaf Weevil (lat. Tanymecus dilaticollis), a pest eating the leaves of maize and thus causing damage to the plant if not treated on time. Later on, Agrocentrum's staff found eggs and larvae from the European corn borer (lat. Ostrinia nubilalis) on the maize plants - a well-known pest in Europe, whose larvae drills into the plant and therefore damages the development of the maize. To counteract losses, insecticides were applied on time against each pest. These treatments and regular weed-control mechanisms ensure further development of the corn, which will provide important insights into the suitability of these types of corn for local production in Serbia.

Application of insecticides on the MyToolBox field trials in Bečej, SerbiaApplication of insecticides on the MyToolBox field trials in Bečej, Serbia.