2 March 2017
Prof. Rudolf Krska, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (Austria)

Designing pilot plants at BARILLA

As a large pasta/bakery-producer, BARILLA is particularly interested in the reduction of mycotoxins before and during milling, as well as during thermal processing. A PhD student at BOKU has dedicated his research to these aspects of mycotoxin reduction strategies. During a visit of the BARILLA facilities, early March 2017, the BOKU delegation, consisting of Prof. Rudolf Krska, Dr. Franz Berthiller, Dr. Alexandra Malachova and David Stadler, and Dr. Michele Suman & Francesca Lambertini (BARILLA) discussed the experimental design and next steps of MyToolBox regarding these post-harvest reduction strategies. 

Picture - left to right: Prof. Rudolf Krska, Dr. Alexandra Malachova, David Stadler, Dr. Franz Berthiller (all BOKU) and Dr. Michele Suman (BARILLA) discussed the experimental design of post-harvest reduction strategies at BARILLA.