22 December 2016
Prof. Rudolf Krska, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (Austria)

ASAG secured funding

The MyToolBox partners from ASAG and CAAS-FRI successfully secured funding for their project activities from the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. With more than half a million Euros, the various tests can be performed to ensure the practicality of the MyToolBox actions.

Besides testing the sensors developed by MyToolBox, forecasting models for potential mycotoxin occurrence in selected Chinese wheat and corn fields will be tested. These activities, together with engaging other Chinese end-users for feedback on the MyToolBox e-platform design, will promote the already fruitful collaboration between the Chinese and European MyToolBox-partners, strengthening the partnership between China and the European Union.

Picture: Feng Zhang (Marketing Executive, Romer labs, China), Dr. Gang Xie (Associate Professor, ASAG), Prof. Rudolf Krska (Professor and MyToolBox coordinator, BOKU) and Dr. Songxue Wang (Professor, ASAG) (left to right) visiting grain storage facilities in China.